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What is Project Pray?

Project Pray is an organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for a ‘Great Awakening’ in America and the world. Through the foundation of transformational prayer mobilization, we aim to fulfill our obligation to the Great Commitment, “Pray for all men everywhere …”


Project Pray seeks to form strategic partnerships at the denominational, individual, family, congregational, and city-wide levels in order to educate the Church about prayer and all its facets.


Who is P. Douglas Small?

P. Douglas Small is an ordained bishop with the Church of God, speaker, educator, and consultant focusing on prayer ministry. He holds a B.A. degree in Christian Ministries, an M. A. degree in Biblical Studies, a second M. A. degree in Church Administration, and a Ph. D. degree in Biblical Studies. His teaching materials have been used by pastors across the nation for enrichment and ministry.

In addition, he is an award-winning author and a popular speaker among pastors, appearing at leadership conferences, churches, ministry conventions, family retreats, and more for prayer and spiritual awakening. Increasingly, he is involved in national prayer networks and mobilization, with a Great Awakening in view.

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