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Dedicated to serving as a catalyst for a ‘Great Awakening’ in America and the world

About Project Pray

Since it's inception in 1988, P. Douglas Small has offered teaching and training through Project Pray in every single US State, including Alaska and Hawaii, and on almost every continent as well. In his 20+ years of ministry, Doug has spoken at thousands of conferences and even more churches, having ministered and taught within almost every denominational stream. In addition, the organization has partnered with countless local churches to offer Schools of Prayer, and is currently working on creating a digital platform to inform and educate pastors and individuals alike on prayer.


At the heart of prayer is worship – a love relationship with God through Christ – and at the edge of prayer is always mission. The goal of prayer is for us to experience the transforming love of God in intimacy with him that we may be channels of that same love to others. Prayer cannot be merely a sweet, private affair; the goal prayer must be aimed at personal awakening, spiritual renewal for both ourselves and for those around us, and finally, cultural reformation.

Our Core Values



Our passion belongs to the Lord – our hearts, minds and might are to glorify Him. God, in Christ, by the enabling Spirit, is to be the ‘love’ of our lives

(Luke 10:27).



A believer is marked by a life of prayer – transformational prayer. We believe personal, at-home, daily praying is critical; as is corporate, family, and congregational prayer

(Ephesians 6:10-20).


Great Awakening

We believe that revival in the Church and a corollary spiritual awakening in the whole of culture is essential – and that it is our only hope.

(II Chron. 7:14)

Our Mission Statement

Project Pray, the platform for the ministry of P. Douglas Small, is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for a ‘Great Awakening’ in America and the world, through the foundation of transformational prayer mobilization to fulfill our obligation to the Great Commitment, “Pray for all men everywhere …” [which is foundational for the other two ‘Greats’ – the Great Commandment and the Great Commission]; through strategic partnerships in both the church ecclesia, and the church dispora [the marketplace], at the denominational, individual and family, congregation and city levels.

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