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The Ministry of P. Douglas Small



Doug holds two M. A. degrees – one from Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary and the other from California Graduate School of Theology. He has done additional studies at Regent University and earned a Ph. D. from the Trinity School of Theology. He completed additional training at the College of Executive Coaching and Grow Institute, earning coaching certifications from both institutions. In addition, he is a Certified Church Consultant (CCU), graduating from the Church Consultant University. He also earned certifications from his participation in LeaderLABS, I and II.


At West Coast Christian College, he served as Dean of Students, Director of Orientation, and Director of Christian Service, including his direction of the Senior Internship Program. He was a faculty member at three accredited Christian Colleges and God’s Army Seminary of the Bible, a Jesus-movement institute. He was Vice-Chairman of the Accreditation Committee and Approval Process for West Coast Christian College with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the American Association of Bible Colleges (Now the Council on Christian Colleges and Universities: CCCU).

He redesigned the Biblical Counseling Program for Florida Beacon Bible College (Now Florida Beacon College and Seminary). He began his educational career at Good News Christian School, Fresno, California, an elementary and middle school, and was subsequently a member of the Board of Directors. He was also a Salinas Public School District Curriculum Review Committee member. He was the site coordinator for the California Graduate School of Theology for the Fresno Extension. He was the Coordinating Faculty Member of the Bay Area Extension of West Coast Christian College. He was the education coordinator at Harvest Temple, which included oversight of the preschool, elementary through high school, and adult education programs. For a year, he served as interim high school principal. He served on the Board of Trustees for Holmes Bible College for a decade.

He created Project Pray SE USA as a collaborative effort with International Renewal Ministries, an outreach of Multnomah Seminary (Portland, OR). For more than ten years, he facilitated citywide gatherings of pastors in connection with this movement.

Along the way, he became a managing associate with CARLSON LEARNING CENTER, one of the largest producers of relational analysis instruments for effectiveness assessment and consultant work (Biblical Profile, Couple’s Profile, Time Management, Job Factor Analysis, Interpersonal Profile, Values Profile, Personal Relating Style Software). He served as a Trainer for Psychological Publications, Inc. out of Los Angeles, specializing in the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis. Also trained in the use of the MMPI, the CPI, Myers-Briggs, and the Couple’s Communication Profile. He has been a workshop leader at the International Congress on Christian Counseling, sponsored by the American Association of Christian Counselors, and at the SE USA Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS). He has been a keynote speaker at multiple homeschool conventions in the US and abroad.

He is trained with ‘Time to Teach’ – a continuing education initiative serving public and private school administrators and teachers to equip them in classroom control and effectiveness.

In his educational work with his denomination, he was a member of the Advisory Committee to the Department of Ministerial Care and a member of the State Board of Youth and Christian Education in North and South Dakota and California. He was Chair on the Evangelism at Church of God Educational Institutions taskforce, Chairman of the State Board of Education in Northern California, Director of Ministerial Internship, District Overseer in Monterey Peninsula, a member of the West Coast Christian College President’s Council, and a member of the Evangelism Task Force for Los Angeles.

His past and present professional memberships include the American Association of Christian Counselors, the American Association for Counselor Development, the Association for Religious and Values Issues in Counseling, the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, the National Association of Christian Deans, the National Orientation Directors Association and the Society for Pentecostal Studies and the Church Consultant University fellowship.


Small pastored churches in Brookings and Rapid City, SD; Fresno and Salinas, CA. He served on the staff at Harvest Temple in Largo, FL, and planted Christ Alive Fellowship in Largo (Now Abundant Life Ministries). He also served as a ‘teaching’ staff member at Central Church of God in Charlotte.

In 1988, Small created ‘Alive Ministries’ – a conference and speaking ministry. He served churches and various organizations, providing Bible Conferences, Family Life Seminars, and Leadership Development workshops. He has been the speaker at more than 150 state-level minister’s events for his denomination and sister organizations, campmeetings, and prayer conferences. His conferences have been held in every state in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii – in Europe, Africa and Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

He has spoken at ATI National Home School events multiple times in the US and other parts of the world. He was featured at national Men’s Conferences for the Institute in Basic Life Principles and at national and state LifeBuilders events. He has spoken at the Billy Graham headquarters and The Cove; to National Day of Prayer Leaders; at the Watchman on the Wall Pastor’s Conference (Family Research Council); at Cannon Beach, OR pastor’s conferences for Multnomah Ministries; as a speaker for the Arby Carter Lecture Series at Heritage Bible College; the Founder’s Week Lecture series at Holmes Bible College; President’s Lecture Series at Central Bible College in Springfield, MO.


In addition, he has spoken to general conferences and ministerial gatherings for the Assembly of God, including the recent dedication of their global prayer center. He has served the Christian Missionary Alliance movement (VA); the International Pentecostal Churches of Christ, speaking at their International Assembly on multiple occasions. He served as a consultant on prayer ministries to the International Pentecostal Holiness movement, addressing their Bishop’s Council twice and at their international conference on prayer. He has been a conference speaker or led prayer summits in dozens of conferences, including their national prayer team leaders – World Intercessory Network. He served the Pentecostal Free-Will Baptist movement speaking at their Minister’s and Wives Conference, General Conference, and Regional Conferences. He addressed the General Conference for the Congregational Holiness denomination. He spoke at the national leadership conference of the Foursquare denomination. Twice, he was a featured speaker at CMI Global. He has consulted with the Pentecostal Church of God, speaking at their international assembly, two bishops’ gatherings, and several multi-state regional events with their General Overseer. He was a national conference speaker for the Full Gospel Fellowship of churches and to numerous of their state-regional events.

Doug was a prayer consultant and led prayer workshops at the Azusa Street Centennial. He spoke at the 25th Anniversary of the Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches of North America event in Memphis, TN. On multiple occasions, he was featured at the continental gatherings for national Church of God leaders in both Europe and Africa. 

Citywide Ministry

For over a decade, Doug was a facilitator for citywide prayer gatherings of pastors from various organizations. He served as the SE USA representative for International Renewal Ministries and was part of the national leadership team of that effort for over a decade. The ‘prayer summits’ were designed to launch citywide collaborative prayer-care-share initiatives. Doug facilitated more than 150 such multi-day summits involving more than 5000 pastors of almost every conceivable denomination. At times, summits were conducted for city leaders, key laity, and specialized groups in cities throughout the southeast USA and beyond.

He was also a representative for DAWN (Discipling A Whole Nation) Ministries and a trainer for the Lighthouses of Prayer movement. Doug has continued his city outreach ministry through Schools of Prayer, citywide prayer events, pastoral coaching, and, more recently, his collaboration with the World School of Prayer, which operates in more than a hundred nations worldwide. Project Pray has created the initiative, America’s Prayer Meeting Movement, a call to public, unified desperate prayer. Pastor Nam Soo Choi, leader of the mega Kwang Myong Presbyterian Church of Seoul, which seats more than 5000, along with Aaron Park, international director, is collaborating in sending teams of intercessors to America to pray for spiritual awakening. Project Pray is directing this effort in the US in collaboration with seventy cities across the nation.


In 2021, Prayer at the Heart drew 3000 people to Lebanon, KS, to reconsecrate the nation to God. The event was live-streamed. Multiple Christian outlets promoted or carried the event, including CBN, CTN, Daystar, Victory News, and the America Family Radio Network. Now Prayer at the Heart events are occurring in states and cities across the nation in an attempt to take prayer public and cry out to God for a national spiritual awakening!


Doug has been the speaker a numerous citywide prayer breakfast events. He served as the national field director for Cry Out America – and a collage of citywide 911 prayer events. He continues to coach a handful of cities in the area of prayer initiatives with an evangelism focus. Doug spoke and co-led the track on Advanced City-Reaching at the New York Mission America congress; and at the Transform World Conference in Indonesia. He also spoke at The Return, a prayer event in Washington, DC, that drew hundreds of thousands.

Additional Ministry

Doug continues to serve as a member of the National Prayer Committee and has done so for two decades. In 1992, he was appointed National Teaching Evangelist for the Church of God. In 1998, he was directed to serve the evangelism department as a resource specialist in prayer ministry. In 2008, he was named the Coordinator of Prayer Ministries for the Church of God denomination and continued in that role until 2022. During that season, he represented the denomination as a part of the nation’s Denominational Prayer Leader’s Network.

In 2012, he launched ‘The Praying Church Movement,’ a resource and coaching process for local congregations that commit to bringing prayer to the heart of all they do. That movement is now being transitioned into various components – the Online Learning Center, the Prayer Leader’s Coaching Institute, and Project Pray University. He served as the Prayer Coordinator for the Second Billion Souls initiative for unreached people groups. He is the President, board chairman, and founder of Prayer at the Heart, a national prayer and renewal movement. 


He has been a guest on several occasions on the National Family Radio network, speaking on prayer; and on the Christian Television Network, the TCT Christian Television Network, and TBN affiliates. He and Barbara, his wife, co-host the weekly television program: Project Pray TV, which airs on three Christian networks.

To launch the Korean Prayer Project and America’s Prayer Meeting Movement, Doug teamed with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for a television special announcing the ‘coincidental’ timing of the Billy Graham Crusade in Seoul Korea in 1973. That crusade drew three million people and saw 75,000 come to faith in Christ. The Korean teams chose to come to America, to give the gift of prayer for spiritual awakening on virtually the same dates of the Graham Crusade, 49 years previously. That the grandchildren of those impacted by the crusade, should return the favor of concern for this nation, as was expressed in the Billy Graham effort, almost five decades before, and on the same dates – is a kind of sign. As God changed Korea, may God impact the USA.

Doug’s books and audio and video training have been used on programs nationwide and worldwide.

Writing Activities

Doug has written over twenty books, some with study or devotional guides and audio and video complements. Titles include Prayer – the Heartbeat of the Church; Prayer – the Heart of It All; Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer; The Praying Church Made Simple; Prayer – Entertaining God; Wet Eyes and Caring Hands; Intercession – the Uncomfortable Strategic Middle; the Praying Church Resource Guide; the Praying Church Handbook (A 4-volume initiative); Five Principles of Prayer; and The Great Commission Devotional Guide; and Principles of Worship and the Tabernacle of Moses (published in 1990, now revised). New books include The Great Exchange – Why Your Prayer Requests Are Not Getting Answers; The Fear of God; Lament – When Prayer Becomes Tears; Millenials – the Young Adult Harvest We Dare Not Miss; Radical Simple Prayer. Additional books include The Anointing; Transformation Themes; Times of Refreshing and Restoration – The Visions of Zechariah; Spiritual Gifts; the Solemn Assembly Manual, and more.

Doug’s articles have appeared in Charisma, the Evangel, SOW, ENGAGE, Prayer-Connect, PRAY, Echoes, the Virginian, Pentecostal Minister, The Pentecostal Leader, Decision Magazine, and others. His blog is distributed to thousands. In addition, the ministry has numerous audio and video products.

Personal Notes

Doug is married to Barbara Ruth (Cox) Small. Together they raised five children and share twenty grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Barbara is a partner in all of Doug’s efforts. They have been married for more than 50 years. Barbara holds a B. A. degree and worked as an elementary teacher. She now serves the ministry and often travels with Doug.

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