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America's Prayer Meeting Special Broadcast from

the Billy Graham Archive Center

50th Anniversary

of Billy Graham's
largest-ever crusade in Seoul

It drew 3 MILLION and saw

75,000 conversions. That story

will be told in this broadcast!

  • 20 Korean Intercessory Prayer Teams came to America in 2022

  • 40 Prayer Teams came in 2023!       


  • 21 Prayer Teams are coming back to America in May 2024!

We are calling churches & Christians to pray, to open the doors of churches for prayer

May 8, 2023
APMM National Prayer Service


Pray For A Great Awakening

To Pray with a team near you, click View All.

APMM 2023 Video Montage

We Invite You to be apart of praying for a spiritual awakening in America in 2024! 21 Korean Prayer Teams
are coming back to
America in
May 2024!

Open Your Church Flyer 2024.jpg

"A Great
gave birth to the nation, now we
 need one to save it"

P. Douglas Small

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Prayer for a Great

Never in the history of the nation has such an aggressive prayer effort taken place with simultaneous prayer-treks covering almost 25,000 miles.


25K+ Miles

Journey to the center.

3K+ Met

Underneath the tent.

Most Recent Events

USA and international prayer and denominational leaders are joining in this effort to save America!


It's time to pray!

P-Small-Testimonial-icon (1).png

P. Douglas Small

Pray America - Pray! Vision Coordinator

We must have an unrelenting, passionate and unified prayer effort, focused on inviting God to take a walk across America. We have no other options left to us. This is not about an event – but a movement!


Tom Phillips

Vice President, Billy Graham Ministries

It is overwhelmingly encouraging to see God knit our hearts together in love as His people seek Him for REVIVAL and AWAKENING. God spoke to me in seminary - He made me ready for revival.


Garry Bryant

International Pentecostal Holiness Church

The invitation is extended to everyone who believes that God is able to heal our land and that He is our hope for revival and restoration. Without question, our nation has turned its back on its Judeo-Christian heritage.


John Whaley

Rooftop Ministries, North American Pioneer

We are living in a day in which we desperately need a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit across our land. We need an outpouring that captures the heart of a nation, and results in a miraculous harvest of millions surrendering their lives to Christ.


Brian Alarit

President, CEO of America Prays

America is in a desperate place morally, spiritually, economically, and politically, and nothing will change until return to the place of prayer.


John Robb

National Prayer Assembly, U.S. Prayer Leaders

America needs a true awakening. The affirmations by our forefathers and mothers capture the real spirit and purpose of America. Let’s partner together with the Lord for breakthrough, bringing revival and restoration to the land we love!

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