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“Does Doug still speak at local churches?”

 - it is amazing that we often get that question! The answer is, “Yes! and often!” – almost every week. While we prefer for congregations to partner for our School of Prayer events, we continue to speak at churches across the nation. We feel the Lord is also calling us to train prayer leaders and mobilize a national intercessory force. We encourage you to partner with other churches and cities, convene and empower others, to catalyze a national effort of prayer and city-impact. Below is a list of all the different ways we can help you spark a Great Awakening!

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Learning Paths

1. School of Prayer. Various training focused on learning, experiencing, and leading in prayer. The most popular School of Prayer we offer is called Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer - and the heart of that school is helping folks understand prayer and its components and build a healthy prayer life with communion with God at the center.

Additional schools include Prayer-The Heart of It All; The Great Exchange; Radical Simple Prayer, The Prayer Closet.


Each week, Doug teaches a School of Prayer virtually. It, and other video sessions are available on the ProjectPray Youtube channel.


Currently, most School of Prayer options are on-line.

2. City-Prayer Conference. Plenary and workshop speakers across a wide variety of prayer topics. Ten area churches come together as sponsors, preferably across denominational lines. The attendance threshold for these conferences is 300. The underwriting of the sponsoring congregations and a modest registration fee supports them. Interdenominational speakers are available for these events.

3. Relational Prayer Experience. This relational prayer and worship experience is a time of seeking the face of God with a focus on personal transformation and renewal. Here, prayer is learned by experience, laced with spontaneous content moments. The Bible is used as a prayer book. This is offered as a weekend in-house retreat for congregations. Very effective for congregations, for cities, for pastoral conferences and their pastors. Also effective for marketplace leaders in a community. Consider a Relational Prayer Experience for Christian who teach or work in the education sector of the city (or those who work in Government, or Social Services, or the Media) – from across denominational lines. Let that launch ‘Salty-Groups’ in your city.

4. Prayer Impact Weekend. Doug shares with pastors or prayer leaders at some point during the weekend. And conducts prayer training or leads a prayer experience on Friday night and/or Saturday, then speaks on Sunday. Every weekend is a bit different, tailored to your need. Doug prefers that multiple congregations participate. On Sunday evening, some gather of a concluding community prayer service.

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